June 7, 2020

Hanta Virus: Isa na naman Virus na kumakalat sa China

Isa na namang Virus ang kumakalat ngayun sa China na tinatawag na Hanta Virus at meron na ng naulat na namantay dahil dito sa probinsya ng Yunnan sa China.

Ayun sa ulat ang bago mamatay ang lalaki ay sumakay pa dw ito sa isang bus kaya ngayun ang 38 pasahero na naksabay niya ay iniembistigahan na.

Anu ngaba ang Hanta Virus

The CDC report says that this virus is spread by mice. If a person comes in contact with the feces and urine of mice and then takes those same hands around his mouth, then this person can get infection of this virus.

According to media reports, it may take up to 8 weeks to find out about this virus. If a person is suffering from laughing then he may see symptoms like cold, vomiting, fever, body pain. Laugh victims may also have problems breathing and filling the lungs. According to media reports, this is not the first time that someone has died due to laughter.

In January 2019, nine people died in Patagonia due to laughter. About 60 cases of Hanta were reported during that time. According to the information received, like the corona, there is no fixed cure for this virus.

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